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No Oil Fracking Sands at the Port

Arts Walk March vs. Fracking Sands at Port of Olympia (10/7/16)

Fracking sands shipments to resume (Olympian, 9/21/16).

Our port needs to cut ties to oil fracking (Zoltan Grossman in Olympian, 11/23/13)

Map of Fossil Fuel Basins & Northwest Ports (2016)

Conceptual map of the Bakken Oil Fracking Monster (2016)

Testimony to Port on Bakken oil bust  (3/24/14)

Testimony to Port on Bakken oil bust (6/9/14)

Informational flyer (2013)


Worldwide List of Bans on Fracking

From Keep Tap Water Safe, a list of dozens of places around the world where fracking has been banned. Ranging from municipalities in the USA, to entire nations overseas, fracking has been subjected to wide-ranging bans:

Information Flyer

Updated June 2013—Port of Olympia Has Been Importing Proppants for Fracking

The Port of Olympia has been receiving shipments of ceramic “proppants” destined to support the hydraulic fracturing industry of Bakken oil shale fracking in North Dakota.

The proppants are being used to prop open fissures to allow gas and oil to escape. Much of the gas is flared and wasted, and some of the crude oil has been returning to the West Coast, and there are proposed oil export terminals in Grays Harbor and elsewhere.

Objections to the shipments of proppants include that they are being used to support an industry that is harmful socially and environmentally. The oil boom has wreaked havoc on locals, in North Dakota, creating tremendous economic pressures, and will eventually result in a bust, when the wells run dry, in a few years or decades.

Continued support for the fossil fuels industry is also believed to be unreasonable in the face of mounting evidence of climate disruption and other environmental damage. Due to industrial activities, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has spiked, to 400 parts per million. The last time levels were so high was millions of years ago. Global temperatures have spiked as well, on the way to levels when sea level was on the order of 25 meters higher.

Olympia Confronting the Climate Crisis is a project of the Olympia F.O.R. (Fellowship of Reconciliation,) and meets on the Third Wednesday of the Month, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW. The next meeting is scheduled for 19 June.

Olympia Port Fracking Resistance supports the use of civil disobedience as an urgent response to the serious ongoing injustices perpetrated by the fossil fuels industry. Find them on Twitter: @OlyPFR and

The flyer also included a copy of the Oil Connections poster by Zoltan Grossman:
Oil Connections

Resistance to Shipments of Proppants for Fracking

The Port of Olympia has been receiving shipments of “ceramic proppants” destined to support the hydro-fracking industry of North Dakota, where regions around the Bakken Oil Shale have been experiencing a boom rush of extraction.

Olympia Port Fracking Resistance and other groups stand in opposition to these shipments based on the grounds of many reasons, mostly relating to harmful socio-economic and environmental impacts from the fracking boom.

Stay tuned for opportunities to join the effort to oppose and resist Port complicity in the fossil fuels industry.